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The S3 Agency is looking for New Jersey-based companies and organizations we can believe in, who have the potential for growth, in order to donate our creative services in the form of a free advertising campaign. We call the program S FREE.
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You must be under $1 million to be eligible.
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What is your media budget for this ad campaign?
(How much money do you have to place the ads we create? Budget will determine the type of campaign, such as billboards, tv, radio, digital, social, etc.) *

It’s important to remember that while our services are free, you still may need a budget to produce the creative. You’ll need to let us know what you’re willing and able to produce, so we don’t recommend a TV commercial (for example) that you won’t be able to shoot or run.
If selected for S FREE, how would this ad campaign make a difference for your organization? What is your main goal for the ads to help you accomplish? *

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